Venezuela Rising

Film Overview

Directed By: Jennifer Wager Directed By: Jennifer Wager
Written By: Eve Goldberg
Release Date: 2007-01-02
Running Time: 1:05
Content Rating: not yet rated
Genres: Documentary >> International :: Documentary >> Politics :: Documentary >> History


As seen through the eyes of grandmother and community organizer Gladys Bolivar, the documentary follows her and her compatriots five days before it is to be decided by popular referendum whether Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez will continue in office or step down. The entire nation has been mobilized – will it be SI – yes he will be recalled, or NO – he will remain in office. Most in Venezuela feel that no less than the en tire future of their country is at stake.

Issues of democracy and politics are addressed — what consitutes a free and fair election — and is that enough to ensure citizen participation? How are elections the ultimate measure of a thriving democracy?

Venezuela Rising gets behind the headlines and into the neighborhoods of Caracas to find out how participatory democracy works on the ground.


  • Director: Jennifer Wager
  • Writer: Eve Goldberg
  • Production Company: Nuestra America Productions
  • Copyright: Nuestra America Productions
  • Director: Jennifer Wager | bio
  • Executive Producer: Alvin Bailey | bio



  • Latin American Film Festival, Habana Cuba
  • Alternative Summit, Vienna
  • Washington Independent Film Festival
  • Vancouver Social Justice Film Festival

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